Wearables are fun!

Wearables are fun!

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
~ Dale Carnegie

On Wednesday, March 26 I went to a Meetup unlike any other I have been to before: ‘Weareables Wednesdays’. There were over 300 people and a collection of experts and professionals like any other you will ever see… Doctors, VCs, Researchers, Journalists/PR, Engineers and even Consultants like myself.

The panel discussion and demonstrations were inspiring, ideas were flowing everywhere, and people were talking about how to take ‘Internet of Things’ to the next level.

But even more important than that….

it was REALLY, REALLY FUN! Of course, nothing is as infectious as fun!

Here is a great white paper for all those who want to know more about Wearables and its possibilities by MaRS Health Industry experts Hadi Salah, Emily MacIntosh and Nirusan Rajakulendran: